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The Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda also known as Red Cherry Shrimp or RCS is a dwarf freshwater shrimp native to Taiwan. This listing is for one Assorted Cherry ShrimpFor larger orders I will make sure to include a mix of both male female juvenile and adult Cherries.

Blue Jelly Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina Heteropoda Var Blue

It is a freshwater Shrimp that is incredibly peaceful and renowned for its algae eating capabilities.

Blue cherry shrimp for sale australia. Start from Chocolate shrimp in hybrid pools. It was bred from the same wild form as the more popular red cherry shrimp and its care requirements are mostly the same. They have bright blue color when compared to Blue Diamond having darker blue color.

Blue Diamond origin in nature but derived from the hybrid environment that began to appear on the market in 2012 from a shrimp farm in Taiwan. Green cherry juves shrimp for sale Medium grade for 10 each. 11000 AUD 9724 AUD.

We also breed Green Jade shrimps which is a more recent variety of Neocaridinas. Aquarzon offers live aquarium shrimps with 100 live arrival guarantee. Description These Shrimp are great beginner aquarium shrimp and they have amazing colouration.

Introducing the Blue Dream Dwarf Freshwater Shrimp The first dwarf shrimp variation that often draws people to start keeping shrimp is the blue cherry shrimp. The Neocaridina family being one of the hardiest dwarf shrimp out there they can survive temperatures as low as 18C up to 30C but thrive and breed readily between 21 and. They help us to build the reputation and trust of customers until today.

We stock a massive range of Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp all bred in Australia. Blue also known as the blue cherry shrimp is a dwarf shrimp variation appreciated for its bright blue color. We recommend keeping them in hard water with a gH of at least 5 for them to show their best color.

Red Cherry Shrimps are the most common shrimps for beginners just getting into the shrimp hobbythey prefer clean water and most comfortable at room temperaturetheyre very easy to keep and very peaceful shrimp. Its easy to keep easy to breed fu 4. We sold a hundred of them a month.

Great range of nano micro fish suitable for shrimp small aquariums. These Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp are a great addition to your clean-up crew. For caridina shrimps we keep Crystal Red Shrimps CRS Orange Eye Blue Tiger.

The first individuals are born mutations that create. Blue Cherry Shrimp Grading. We breed and stock medium to high-grade Blue Dream shrimps Bloody Mary shrimps and 24K Golden Yellow shrimps.

Aquarium Fish Plant Dwarf Shrimp Specialists. Gei-lee Planaria Hydra Cure Shrimp Safe 3 reviews. Blue Dream shrimp is one of the most popular shrimps.

They are one of the hardiest shrimp we keep in the shrimp roomCherry Shrimp is. Buy Premium Live Freshwater Shrimp from Sydney Discus World Aquariums for shipping across Australia Discus New Release Discus Discus Direct 5-6Cm 8-9 cm Discus 12-13 Cm Discus 14-15 Cm Discus Brazilian Wild Discus. Blue Cherry shrimp were selectively bred from shrimp with a brownish colour.

Our particular variant of Blue Cherry Shrimp is called Blue Dreams. Cherry Shrimps For Sale Buy 10 Freshwater Aquarium Shrimps Pack of 5 Yellow 5 Blue Cherry Shrimps. Breeders are always working to produce shrimp with an even more intense blue colour which has lead to a number of different grades being established in order to be able to assess a shrimp.

Blue Diamond Shrimp is the best shrimps we own. CARING – Blue Dream are easy to care for as they can adapt to a wide range of water parameters they can be kept in either soft or hard water. Green cherry shrimp the genes isnt very stable as last photo show some juveniles have a little bit blue or yellow on their body Although most their parents are high.

It belongs to the Atyidae family of invertebrates of which there are more than 20 other varieties of Shrimp. Blue Cherry Shrimp Yellow Cherry Shrimp These colour variations are not as popular as red cherrys however they look amazing in their own way. The cheapest offer starts at 5.

Explore 203 listings for Shrimp for sale Australia at best prices. Known for their bright and vibrant colors they can be easily distinguished from other varieties of shrimps by their striking hue of blue.

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